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Vision & Mision

Visi :To become a trusted pharmaceuticals and medical equipment marketing service company in Indonesia.





  1. To market pharmaceutical and medical equipment products with added values.
  2. To put Customer Relationship Management oriented customer-service first and foremost (customer relationship management).
  3. To cultivate the competency and commitment of professional human resources





Our Goals:

1. To market products with added value

  • To initiate the development of new products with added value, offering attractive margins and adaptive to the on going trend
  • Thorough in its dissemination of information; supported by credible scientific research.

2. To prioritize servicing customers in compliance with Customer Relationship Management

  • To provide total service
  • To ensure creativity and flexibility in tending to business and/or work relations
  • To provide thorough and updated Customer data management

3. To promote the competency and commitment of professional human resources through the following course of action

  • The establishment of a mechanism of measurement to produce valuable and competitive human resources.
  • Fostering creativity in seeking for the proper method of development to enhance the competency of human resources.
  • Identification of talents and room for improvement in human resources